Car insurance quote for Vauxhall Corsa over £6000 for 17 year old

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I am 17, have just passed my driving test with the pass plus qualification and the cheapest quote I got on a 1 litre Vauxhall corsa was over £ there any way to get this down to a more reasonable quote?

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anonymous_2 Level 1

would someone please be able to give me the site for the cheapest quote on a vauxhall corsa they can find!

j_mmydodger Level 1

Hi there as mentioned by another person on here you may have been given a higher quote if you've bought a brand new car. I am pretty much in the same boat. I've passed my test last wednesday and bought a 2001 1ltr vauxhall corsa. My insurance cost me £940.  What you have to take into the acc is the following; adding the main driver as being an experienced driver will bring it down with you being an additional car holder (just bear in mind that this is effectively like saying that you would you use the car every so often but the other person uses it more), car must be cheap with cheap servicable parts (you've got the right idea vauxhall corsa 1ltr should be ideal), also if you're adding a more experienced driver make sure you DO NOT try and put them down as wanting to keep their no claims bonus, if you have a job try using different varieties of job role titles (be creative but not too creative!), if you have any woman or girl that you know that would be happy to be registered as the main driver do this as females retrieve much lower quotes for car insurance! Another thing to do and this is a wonderful trick is to use comparison sites get the top 5 quotes from that then call each company provisionally asking for a quote and you will find you get even cheaper quotes as the comparison site (such as gocompare, moneysupermarket etc) get a slice of the amount you pay to the company. That's my lot bud hope everything works out!

Peaches Level 3

Hi Karl I know exactly how you feel. When I first pass my test I fell in love with a new Nissan Micra, it cost £5,000 but the insurance was well over £2,500! Younger drivers always pay hefty insurance premiums when they first qualify and it's just not fair. With a pass plus certificate you should also benefit from a discount but in your case it's absurd that they are still quoting you £6,000. I think you may be doing something wrong in your application or the car you have is brand new so they have to take that into consideration. Unfortunately you can't win, if you buy a new car and the value is high the insurance company will take this into account and make the premiums higher for a young driver. If you have a cheap car you'll still probably pay insurance that costs more than the car itself so what can you do?

Many male driver's put on an additional driver on their insurance policy as it can sometimes reduce the insurance quote. This works well if you have a girlfriend, spouse or partner, my insurance premium halved when I added my girlfriend. When I called the insurers and asked why they said it was because female drivers are less likely to be involved in an accident so this could work for you. Also you can call a few insurance companies up and talk to them over the phone, you can eve haggle and get the insurance quote lowered. If you're lucky enough you may even get someone who will help you lower your premiums as this happened to me. Increase your voluntary excess and limit your mileage, this makes a difference to how much you will be quoted.

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