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What is the cheapest car to insure for first time driver

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Celia 04 Jun 2008

I'm just about to do my driving test and would like to buy a car a.s.a.p as I'm having my second child in 6 weeks. But I don't know where to start and would like to know what the cheapest car to insure would be for me?

Thank you


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hongzhu 06 Oct 2019

Cars for 25 year old

Hello all i have recently turned 25 and i am not sure what car i should get as i got a decent budget. I have had my licence for 4 years but haven't used it as have been working abroad but now that i am back i want to get a car and use it but my main worry is how much will insurance be for me as i have no noclaims bonuses etc just the clean licence of 4 years. Thanks in advanced for any and all replys to this post

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gices 06 Oct 2019

Insurance premiums have gone up quite a lot during the last few years, so keep in mind that you'll find extortionate prices everywhere. This said, your best bet is to find a car in the lower car insurance group (see the list of cheap cars to insure). If you can get hold of the reg num before buying, you can use car insurance comparison websites to see how much you're being quoted and if it's too expensive, move on to another make/model.

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cheeseman 12 May 2011

I'd advise to go out and buy a Ford tm190 or a Kia Sedona!! IF you can't insure them then there is no hope for a first time driver!! ;):s :(

anonymous_2 02 Aug 2013

Yea right Kia Sedona as a first time car I don't think soooo I would rather walk try again

anonymous_2 29 Jul 2010

None, I'm getting stupid prices, for cars worth £500 - 2300 and I'm 27 the car thing is for the same price I can have business inc with 4 drivers over the age of 25 driving my car fully comp!!!

anonymous_2 05 Jul 2010

What's the best car to buy if you're a new 33 year old driver?

gices 04 Jun 2008


If you are a new driver, then I'll advise you to look at the article on cheapest car to insure for new drivers first. It will show you different make/models of cars which fall in low insurance groups and will be cheaper to insure than other makes. If you are not sure which one to pick among the ones listed, then I'll suggest you go for the Fiat Punto to start off with since insurance tend to be really cheap for this one and then change once you've built up enough no claims discount.

If there's anything else I can help you with, let me know.