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Cheapest cars to insure for young drivers

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gices anonymous_2
PhilClayton 21 Jun 2010

Hi, which cars are generally cheapest to insure for young drivers? Thanks, Phil


anonymous_2 26 Oct 2010

Pass plus is an insurance scam. They say it reduces your premium but having friends in the insurance industry... well it doesn't

gices 23 Jun 2010

For young drivers, it is advisable to choose a car which falls in the insurance group 1-5. This is the low car insurance group which means that for your own circumstances (age, gender, driving experience, no claims bonus, where car is going to be parked etc), you will find cheaper quotes in that group than if you were to insure a car which falls in the group 15 insurance category. For a list of cheapest cars to insure for young drivers, be sure to check the article in the link.

If you want even more cheaper premiums, then you should consider the pass plus course (if you haven't done so) as you can get upto 40% off the car insurance quote with the certificate.