How female drivers can get cheaper car insurance

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Being a woman can sometimes have great benefits like getting cheap car insurance deals just because of your gender. In fact, insurers have realised that female drivers are more careful on the roads and seem to have fewer accidents than men in general.

Statistics gathered over the years have shown that more than 80% of speeding convictions and careless driving offences were committed by men. Since insurers want to provide cover for drivers who are less likely to claim (otherwise they will make a loss if they have to pay out claims most of the time), they therefore give better rates for people with good driving records and using the history of claims they have accumulated, they underwrite insurance applications based on the level of risk associated with each driver based on the previous claims. Now, because the ladies have been good with their driving, it is normal that they will receive cheaper car insurance.

In the past, to insure a car you will have to go to well known companies which have already established a name in the car insurance industry. However nowadays, there are companies who take on drivers according to certain criteria. For example, there are now quite a few insurers who will happily give the best deals for women but will not provide cover for the other gender. They are what have been termed female insurers only. Others will give the best car insurance deals for young females only and if you happen to be over the age limit they are looking for, then you will just have to shop elsewhere for the cheapest premiums.

How can women save more on their insurance policy?

Insurance companies are able to offer more competitive insurance quotes for females because women tend to claim less on their policy. This means that the insurers do not have to pay out a lot in claims and make more profit as a result and are thus able to offer cheaper insurance cover for lady drivers than other companies serving a wider market.

If you want to save more on your insurance as a woman, you should not just rely on your gender but take advantage of other simple tips which could lower your quote even further. You can for example choose a car in the lower insurance group instead of going for a powerful one. Things like security features in your car will help too as well as parking it somewhere safe at night. You can also get a higher excess but remember that in case of an accident, you will have to fork out the money to pay the agreed excess.

List of female only insurance companies

  • Diamond
  • SheilasWheels
  • Women on Wheels
  • Lady Motor
  • Diva

Since the above insurers specialise in women car insurance, you are bound to get the best rates with them. That doesn't mean that you should just rely on these companies though because the more quotes you get, the higher the chance of you obtaining a better deal.

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