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In today's world, it is becoming extremely rare to find a person with a clean licence. If you have convictions on your licence because you have committed a motoring offence, it doesn't necessary mean that you are a bad person and you shouldn't be able to find a decent car insurance quote. After all, you wouldn't even bother looking at insurance cover at all if you were the 'bad guy' now, would you? You would drive without any insurance at all!

Common driving convictions

Below is a list of motoring convictions which can make getting cheap car insurance a nightmare:

  • SP30 - Exceeding speed limit on public road
  • DR10 - Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol above limit
  • IN10 - Using a vehicle uninsured against 3rd party
  • DD10 - Driving in a dangerous manner
  • TS10 - Failing to comply with traffic light signals
  • DD40 - Dangerous driving
  • SP60 - Undefined speed limit offence
  • CU30 - Using a vehicle with defective tyres
  • SP50 - Exceeding speed limit on motorway
  • DR80 - Failure or attempting to drive when unfit through drugs

There are many other offences besides the ones listed above which can result in high insurance premiums or difficulty in finding adequate insurance cover because insurers are likely to decline to quote due to your convictions.

How to find affordable premiums for banned drivers

You may have lost your no claims bonus because you were at fault in an accident and find that renewals quotes for insurance are staggering or have received a driving ban and now that you are back to driving, you wonder whether it's worth getting insured at all. Don't panic! Drivers with convictions can get insurance at a fair price if they go to the right insurers. Mainstream insurance companies will not want to provide cover for you because you have a record of breaking the law when it comes to driving but there are insurers who specialise in insuring people with convictions.

They will consider your past driving history and be more sympathetic towards you as the core of their business is the convicted driver, the person with endorsements on his licence. They will then give you a quote for car insurance cover based on the severity of your motoring offence along with what sort of car you want to insure and the specific details of your individual circumstances. For example, if you were convicted for speeding and now you're looking to insure a sports car, chances are that the insurer will refuse to take you on board but if you change the car to one with a smaller engine, then you'll increase the probability of getting cheaper car insurance quotes.

Rough estimate of how much your premiums will increase if you have convictions:

  • Drink driving - 50%
  • 6 points within last 2 years - 25%
  • 9 points within last 2 years - 45%
  • Short period disqualification (28 days) - 25%

So for those drivers who have been disqualified or committed a motoring offence, it is crucial that they search for specialists insurers like the ones below:
* Keith Michaels Insurance
* GSI Insurance
* A-Plan

This has to be used along with car insurance comparison websites to make sure you're not missing out on better deals elsewhere.

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JoshGreen Level 1

Insurance quotes for convicted 19 year old

I am 19 and lost my licence in May 2007 for 12 months. I was marginally over the limit (so close that the Magistrate did not impose a fine). I have just bought a 797 cc Daewoo Matiz and need to insure it. I will not lie just to get a cover note. The quotes I am getting are so high (£2000+ even with a £500 excess when the car is only worth £1000!) that I can't possibly afford to insure the car.

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gices Level 6


This is typical when you have a conviction on your licence; you don't usually get cheap car insurance. What makes it more difficult in your case it that you're quite young as well. By the sound of it, you haven't done the driving ban course which knocks off 25% of your ban length. Some insurers would have given you a discount for this.

What you'll need to do is get quotes from insurers which specialise in convicted drivers. The conventional insurers will quote you higher because you now fall outside the criteria for competitive quotes. Try going to eConvicted Quote Direct and see what kind of quotes you get.

If that doesn't help, you might want to consider going for third party, fire & theft insurance cover instead of comprehensive as this would bring your quote further down.

Let me know how you get on with it anyway and if I can be of any further help.

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Michael_1 Level 1

Cheap Convicted Driver Insurance

I got caught driving underage when I took my mum's car for a spin and crashed it. I think I got done for driving without a sufficient licence (I had a cbt for my moped at the time), driving without insurance and aggrieved vehicle theft (or damage). Obviously my insurance for my first car is going to bankrupt me. Is there anything at all I could do to reduce the insurance? Courses? Special licences? Loopholes? Insurance companies?

Please help. I need to know everything.

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gices Level 6

This is unfortunately what people do not realise when they commit motoring offences. There's always the possibility of getting caught and when it happens your whole life is affected. What you can do is contact specialist companies which deal in convicted driver insurance and get quotes from them. If you go to a car comparison website, you are most likely comparing quotes from mainstream insurers who wants drivers with good driving records and will have little or no luck at all. However specialist companies dealing with drivers with convictions will be more lenient towards you as this is the core of their business and will be able to find you better deals.

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anonymous_2 Level 1

I tried the sites for convicted drivers. I have a IN10 conviction, am 40yrs old and I was quoted 2350 as the lowest quote. for a vw polo 1.4 2001 plate. To be honest elephant was cheaper than the so called con driver insurers.

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Margaret1 Level 1

My Son ended a 6 month ban for speeding in March 2012 and is finding it difficult to get Insurance.

He has decided to buy a small engine car but will this help in getting insurance and are their any Companies that will insure him

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gices Level 6

If he was done for speeding, then a smaller car could work in his favour but if he was banned for drink driving, then it wouldn't make any difference. But then again that depends from insurer to insurer as they have different ways of underwriting a car insurance application.

So the problem he is facing is that he cannot get insurance, right? And not that the quotes are too expensive because of his conviction?

What insurers did he approach? Mainstream insurers like those found on GoCompare/Confused are looking for no-troubles applicant, so if you haven't got a clean licence, then things may not look bright with them. He'll need to contact specialist insurers who deal in speeding offences to get coverage. Now before I suggest some insurers, it will be good to know if he's been in touch with any convicted drivers insurers first?

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Peaches Level 3

How old is your son? He may be rejected because of his age if he is young, a quick search on a comparison website will save you the hassle of ringing up everywhere. If you still have no luck then like gices suggested you may need to find a specialist car insurer

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kats84 Level 1

Try Acorn insurance they offer car insurance to people that have speeding convictions etc

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TCarter Level 1

Keith Michaels are a really good company to use, they also offer a discounts if you attend recognised drinking driving awareness course (for drink driving convictions only).

klarko2003 Level 1

I just read the article on getting insurance when you have a driving conviction (which I have a IN10). I checked the sites and filled in all the forms for quotes and what a load of rubbish it is. There was no difference at all from the quotes I got from admiral, elephant and the usual insurers and to be honest some were dearer so save yourself time and don't bother with any of these companies who claim to cater for convicted drivers.

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