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My son was convicted of drink driving without a license in his dad's car at 16 years old. It happened on 1/1/2008 and he was banned for 3 years, although not in court till March of that year and had driven only a few hundred yards. When will he be able to apply for his provisional license? Will it be endorsed on his license and when he gains a full license?

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When does driving ban start if you have no licence, insurance and was drink driving?

Hi, just a quick one - friend of mine got stopped for drink driving, no insurance, no licence and got a ban. When does the ban start if he has no licence thanks. The friend got stopped in 2008 he got ban then.

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gices Level 6

The driving ban starts on the date on conviction, that is, the date when your friend was sentenced. So if he was caught in March 2008 (the date of offence) and sentenced by the magistrate in April 2008 (date of conviction), then his driving ban would start as from April 2008 until the disqualification is over.

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The driving ban would start at the time of sentencing so if he appeared in court in March 2008 and received a 3 year driving disqualification, then the ban would expire in March 2011. This is when he would be able to apply for his provisional licence. The penalty points would stay on his licence for 11 years which means that when he gets his full driving licence, it would be endorsed with the points and the offence he committed.

This has been speculated on the assumption that the worst of the 2 offence (drink driving/driving without licence) is drink driving. You should contact the DVLA or court where your son was sentenced to confirm though.

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