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My husband is disabled and is the owner and registered keeper of his land rover (which has a disability class on it) but has lost his license on medical grounds. I am a named driver and the only one that can drive him anywhere. I also have my own car. How does he go about getting insurance without a license. Thanks.


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Disabled learner driver insurance

My son had the higher rate of dla and has his provisional driving license now; he is 16 are there any insurance companies that will insure him to learn to drive in his own car please? Disabled learner driver insurance.

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Is the car he'll be driving adapted by any means (modified for his particular requirements)?

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hi there yes there are insurance company for disabled driver for your son is 16 yrs go to this website for info

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It is implied that when you take car insurance, you have a valid driving licence. Since your husband's licence has been revoked by the DVLA on medical grounds, he will not be able to get insurance in his name. Therefore you have the following options - you can change the insurance policy so that you now become the policyholder instead of your husband and use the Land Rover or you can cancel the insurance policy for that particular car.

If your husband needs to be transported in an adapted car, then you will have to keep the Land Rover to drive him but if he can travel in your car, then it would be easier to just do that.

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