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Short Term Insurance for Canadian Driver Coming to UK

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gices anonymous_2
Steve_4 06 Aug 2009

My cousin is coming over from Canada and I would like to insure him in my car. He has an International Licence; only want cover for 3 weeks - can anyone help?



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gices 08 Aug 2009


For temporary insurance, insurers do not accept licences from Australia, USA or Canada. Therefore you will not be able to insure your cousin on your car for 3 weeks. However you can ask your cousin to get an international cover from Canada itself so that he can drive your car when he gets here (the same thing that British people do when they go abroad, get for example a European Insurance Cover Note from their insurers before travelling). This will be a better option for both of you.

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

I am wanting to lend my car to a friend who is now a Canadian citizen for a few days later this year. He is originally from the UK, learnt to drive here, and had a UK license. However, he now drives on a Canadian driving license.