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Hi there,

I would like to get insured on a friend's car for 1-2 weeks as my car is currently off the road. The only problem is that I am 20 years of age and you have to be 21. Is it possible for me to get insured? If not, do you know where I can get insured?


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anonymous_2 Level 1

Visitor From Australia (Full British Licence) to use OUR Car (Volvo 50 07 Reg)for 2 weeks. Is it possible? and indication of cost.

gices Level 6

Hi Rees,

At the moment, no insurance companies will insure you for a short term period if you are not 21 yet. You could however get insured for a minimum of 1 month with eCar Pay As You Go Insurance though. They do it on a monthly basis and there's no age restriction for that type of insurance policy. Try getting a quote from them and see if it's affordable for you, otherwise you wouldn't be able to drive (legally!), I'm afraid.

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