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Under 21 short term insurance

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NikkiBadhan 18 Apr 2008

I was hoping to drive my bf car home from a long trip next weekend and we're 18, so I'm hoping to get short term insurance, is that possible at my age?


Driver SOS (UK)

Helping with car insurance, driving bans, learning to drive and other motoring issues

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Tucker 27 Aug 2009

I can't get insurance for a day so I'm just going to drive without insurance!

gices 27 Dec 2013

I wouldn't advise that...

Emma_2 04 Jun 2009

Passed my test today and wanted to occasionally use mums car when home from uni. Her insurers will not cover 18 year olds and when looking at short term can find no one interested. Help

gices 28 Aug 2009


For under 21s, the minimum cover you are able to get is for one whole month. Nothing shorter than this I'm afraid.

anonymous_2 01 Aug 2012

I'm 19 and was just looking, there is insurance but at £40 a day it's pretty ridiculous!

gices 23 Apr 2008

Updated, December 2013

Short term insurance is now available for drivers as young as 17 but you need to have held your licence for at least 6 months. Tempcover Ltd is the insurer and has now changed its age restriction and is now providing coverage for under 21s.

Previous Answer

Unfortunately, no insurance companies are willing to offer temporary insurance cover for 18 year olds.

Actually there's no insurer out there who will provide short term car insurance for young adults under 21 of age. If you go out with your bf a lot during the w/e, I suggest you get added to your bf insurance policy so that you are able to drive his car. Most of the times, when a female driver is added to an insurance policy, it has a positive effect by lowering the insurance quote, therefore your bf might benefit from a cheaper premium and you will enjoy the freedom of driving his car whenever you like, lawfully!

PS: You can get insurance for a minimum of one month though with eCar Pay As You Go Insurance as they insure people from the age of 17 and over for this type of insurance scheme.