Short term insurance for foreign licence holder

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SebastianMrozek 30 Apr 2009

I would like to drive my father's car, here in Britain. I am Polish, do not have british driving licence although polish licence is acceptable in the UK. My father is a UK resident and his car is british and he is insured in the UK.

How much whould I pay for 7 or 10 days car insurance?


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anonymous_2 20 Jul 2010

I have UAE licence.

gices 30 Apr 2009


If you have a European driving licence, then there will not be any problem in getting car insurance for 7-10 days. Some insurers charge a fixed amount per day of cover while some others charge you depending on the vehicle you drive, years of driving experience and other factors.

You can expect to pay £11-20 per day. If you want, I can give you a list of companies which you can try getting a quote from. Just let me know.