Temporary insurance for international licence holder on holiday in UK

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Temporary insurance for international licence holder on holiday in UK to drive imported vehicle registered in UK. Which insurers are happy to extend cover? Are they listed on your site?

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Rana Level 1

Insuring car with international licence

I have international licence, how can I insure the car to drive?

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gices Level 6

Even if you did not obtain your driving licence in the UK, you shouldn't have any problems getting your car insured. Car insurance for international licence holders can be a bit tricky though because insurers may or may not count the no claims bonus you've previously earned depending on the country where you've been driving.

You should initially use a website like GoCompare or Confused to see which car insurance company will insure you and how much the premiums are going to cost. Have you tried that to no avail? If yes, then you should contact popular insurers directly as it is easier to explain your current circumstances on the phone rather than when filling out forms.

If you need some company names to call, let me know.

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aadi Level 1

Should i insure my car on my international licence or my UK provisional licence?

Also, could the insurance on the international licence be converted when I get my full UK licence?


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grw Level 1

I am considering buying a spanish citroen c3 diesel with spanish documents inc test certificate and within 15 days driving it through europe to Latvia and registering it there where I will reinsure it in Latvia. I hold a Full clean uk license I am 56 yrs and held license for 37 yrs and hold current hgv I have no claims since 6yrs of insurance in Latvia and full no claims with direct line before that in the uk. The car is presently in the uk

gices Level 6

For driving licences obtained from countries like USA/Australia/Canada, there's only one company which will provide get short term car insurance at the moment.

So first thing we need to know is where you got your licence from? If you have a European driving licence, then it will be easier to get cover.

The second thing is about the car - if the car has been registered in the UK, then you're all good to go even if it has been imported.

We have a list on the site of all the insurance companies which do temp insurance. Have a browse through and contact the insurers to see whether they're willing to take you onboard and how much it's going to cost.

It would be good to know what sort of driving licence you hold and how many days/weeks insurance you're looking for if you want more specific information.

anonymous_2 Level 1

I have an international license from Sierra Leone west Africa, and the vehicle is register in the uk

gices Level 6

Great, check the first link in my answer then. That's what you're after!

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