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Car insurance for Malaysian driving licence holder on holiday in the UK

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gices ngyinn-jye
j18n14g25 01 Jul 2010

My brother will be coming to visit me in the UK for 2 months and I am considering buying a second hand car for him to use while he is here. He has a Malaysian driving licence and an International Driving Permit. I haven't found anywhere that is willing to insure him. We also want to take the car to France for a holiday. Please can you help? Kind regards, Karen


Driver SOS (UK)

Helping with car insurance, driving bans, learning to drive and other motoring issues

Driver SOS (UK)

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2897 members . 1217 topics . 2221 posts
ngyinn-jye 03 Nov 2019

Car insurance in UK with IDP from malaysia

I m holding a international driving permit from Malaysia and i am thinking to get a car in UK with the insurance for a year but i m wondering would they allow me to do so? thanks.

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gices 12 Jul 2010

Update, January 2014

You may be able to get insured on a scheme called walkabout insurance. Check the link for more info.

Previous Answer

The reason you didn't find anything is because there's currently no insurer which will provide temporary car insurance for a person with a Malaysian driving licence.

The international driving permit is handy if he was going to get a traditional car insurance policy, that is, a policy for the duration of 1 year but for short term car insurance, it doesn't have much use here in the UK. Different countries have different laws and therefore it is more difficult to offer insurance products to people coming from abroad.

People with EU driving licences have no problem because the European Union shares pretty much the same laws as the UK.

You can still go to France in the second hand car but your brother won't be covered to drive it. I'm assuming you have a full UK driving licence here.