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Temp cover for under 21

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Nathan_1 25 Feb 2009

Isn't there one single company or broker that will insure me for 1-28 days. I am 19 years old and I'm considering buying my uncle's car but wanted to insure it on Friday (27th feb 09) for about 10 days but I would insure it for one month also if I could do that but everywhere seems to say 21+?

Does anybody know of somewhere or a number of a company that will do this? I would be so grateful if somebody could tell me where I could do this.

Thanks Nathan


Driver SOS (UK)

Helping with car insurance, driving bans, learning to drive and other motoring issues

Driver SOS (UK)

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BillyKhan 14 Oct 2019

Trade insurance for under 21 driver

Hi, I'm 18 is there any way I can get trade insruance? My dad is a trader but his insurance policy is you have to be 21, but I'm sure there is a way for me getting so I can drive his cars, or something similar. Thanks

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gices 26 Feb 2009

There's only one company which will insure young drivers (under 21s) for short periods ranging from 1-28 days. It's Tempcover Ltd, so try to get a quote from them.

All other insurers will only consider providing insurance cover when you have reached the age of twenty one. Insurance is a risky business and insuring young drivers is an enormous risk because of their lack of driving experience, hence huge premiums when you have just passed your test.

However you can have car insurance for just a month without the minimum age requirement of 21 with eCar Pay As You Go Insurance. This is a monthly insurance policy and can be renewed or cancelled after the 1 month period.

Let me know is that's of any help to you.

Updated, December 2013

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

I currently have a Fully Comprehensive Car insurance policy with Sheilas Wheels (RBS). They do not however insure additional drivers that are under the age of 21 years. I am therefore looking for a car insurance quote for myself and then to add my son.

gices 27 Dec 2013

In your case, it's better to use a car insurance comparison website to find the best quote for both you and your son.