Not getting temp cover because of age!

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EmmaParry 03 Apr 2009

This is stupid. Mum has put her back out just before we are meant to go on break to London and she now can't drive. I have a clean full UK license which I have had for over 2 years but due to me being 19, I am being refused temp cover meaning we can't go away. Ridiculous age discrimination going on.


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RichCaod 18 Jul 2009

I'm 20, a fully qualified Paramedic. I'm insured to drive ambulances in emergency conditions (blue lights and sirens). I have 3 years driving experience, not one claim, speeding ticket in a car and a years clean licence on a bike aswell. Yet I still can't get temporary insurance. I have tried E-car, except they only let you insure partners and employers cars only, so I can't cover myself on my mums 206 diesel estate! It's mad, and technically illegal! It's the same as saying we don't insure black men because of their race! Ageism, rasicm, it's all the same, denying someone something because of who they are!
I'm very anoyed!

gices 12 May 2009


The company is called eCar. With eCar Pay As You Go Insurance you can get a minimum cover of 1 month even if you're just 19. This is a monthly contract which means you cannot get anything less than a month and if you wish to renew it has to be for another whole month.

Let me know how this goes.

Darren_1 12 May 2009
Please could you post details of that company because I need urgent cover and I'm 19.

Dave_4 17 Apr 2009

Can you tell me this company!

I am 21 and in a band. We have just got a van which my dad drove because we thought the driver had to be over 25! Then I looked last week and typed all my details in and it seemed to work! I was able to get cover for myself, but I didn't go through with it as we didn't need it then.
Then last night I went to go through with the cover and it now tells me I have to be 24. Now I don't know if it's just me being stupid or they actually have changed the age limit since last week. I need HELP in getting cover.

gices 03 Apr 2009


I know this is unfair and I've written about it as well in my article on temp cover for under 21s. There's nothing much you can do except to ask somebody else to drive you to London or take the train or coach.

I know a company which will take you on board even if you're just 19 but the minimum cover you can get is for 1 month. Let me know if that's of any interest to you.