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Collingwood Learner Driver InsuranceHi

I'm currently buying a 1996 p-reg tigra and because i have a provisional license, i am finding that many insurers will not give me insurance. I have made it clear to them that I am about to take my test and will not be driving the car until I pass, what's the best company to be insured with?


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gices Level 6

Many insurance companies prefer to insure drivers who already have their full driving licence just because they are more reassured that they are less likely to damage the car or cause an accident. However in your case, you've got two options:

(1) With Direct Line Car Insurance, you will be able to get insurance cover even if you have just a provisional licence. It will allow you to learn to drive in your own car when you are accompanied by an experienced driver (over 21 with 3 years driving experience) and when you finally pass your test, you just need to update your policy which will then allow you to drive on your own (unaccompanied).

(2) Your second option is to get a special type of insurance policy designed for learners holding a provisional licence which is called the learner driver car insurance and is available on a short term basis and renewable on demand, after which you can apply for a normal insurance policy. If you would like to get a quote for this special type of insurance, click here.

The choice is yours really :)




I am 22, i have bought a leased car for my mum

all the finance is in my name,

The V5 name is on the aldo automotive whatever the name is.

i am trying to insure the vehicle for my mum but they saying that i have to be insured but i do not have a license. i have a provisional license.

what do i do please.

i do not want to drive the car. the car is for my mum.

do i still need to be insured on there?

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