Got penalty points on provisional licence, what will happen now?

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My husband got caught driving without a licence and insurance in Oct. Since been caught, he has now obtained a full licence and is fully insured. He has a court date for 5th of march and was wondering what will happen with regards to points been put on and will he lose his licence as the offence happened before he got the full licence?

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gices Level 6

The penalty for driving without a licence is 3-6 points and fine upto £1,000. If your husband has also been charged with driving without insurance, then he will receive 6-8 points on his licence along with a fine of upto £5,000. Under the New Drivers Act, your licence will be automatically revoked if you accumulate 6 or more penalty points on your licence within 2 years of passing the test. Penalty points will stay on your licence for a period of 4 years from the date of the offence and if your husband is charged with both offences, then chances are that his driving licence will be revoked and he will have to sit the driving test again.

For new drivers, only 6 points are required to get disqualified from driving within the first 2 years of passing the test. For other drivers, they should not accumulate more than 12 points within a 3 year period, otherwise they would be banned under the totting up procedure.

If he is charged with driving with no insurance, then the penalty points would be enough to get his licence revoked but if he is only convicted of driving with no licence, then he may stand a chance if he gets less than 6 points.

anonymous_2 Level 1

If someone has been given 8 points on the provisional licence can they still apply for full licence? How will this affect their full licence?

laloo Level 1

6 penalty points on provisional driving licence, what happens if I pass driving test?

I'm 43 years old having 6 penalty points on provisional driving licence, if i pass the uk driving licence what will happen? I have my car insured on international driving permit during this year i got 6 penality points . now if i pass the uk driving test will my licence be revoked?

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ROGER_1 Level 1

no your licence will be safe your 6 points will still be on it but you will not be able to get any more points for two years after passing or you will have to retake the test again,i hope this answer was helpfull

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naveed Level 1

6 penalty points on provisional licence

Hi I want to know that I got 6 penalty points on my provisional licence and the offence was in september 2007. Either my points are still on my provisional licence or that has been finished. Just want to know the answer because I got three years provisional licence and never passed my licence due to those points I want to know about that.

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ROGER_1 Level 1

HI!Points stay on a provisional for 3 years, You still could of passed your test with 6 points because after passing your practical test the points are equivalent to 5 any more gained within 2 years then you need to retake your test again

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Banned on Provisional Driving Licence

I am trying to find out for my daughters fiance when and how he could drive again following a ban about three years ago. He was driving a friend's car and was stopped by police and received a ban. He only had a provisional licence. Therefore, will the ban only start when he takes his test and holds a full licence or will it mean it will be okay as the length of time for the ban has passed?
He is a lot more mature now and needs to drive.

Thank you

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gices Level 6


If the driving ban has now expired, then he can start the process all over again. He needs to apply for a provisional driving licence and pass the theory test along with hazard perception and then the actual practical driving test. Once he gets his full licence, he will be able to drive.

The driving ban started when he received it by the way. Penalty points on his licence may be carried forward on the new licence if they are still valid though.

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anonymous_2 Level 1

Am 17 and a got ban when a was 15-16 but had no license or provisional to get ban on and only got 6 month ban and 6 point but am wanting to know if I can get a provisional now and get a motobike or do I have to pass my test for ban to start ?

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oliver Level 1

Caught driving on provisional and got 6 points, will I lose my licence when I pass my test?

Got caught driving on a provisional and got 6 points, will i lose my licence when i pass my test?  Do the points double?

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gices Level 6

No you won't. The New Drivers Act applies within the first 2 years of passing your test. When you pass your test, the 6 points will be carried on your new licence and if you get any additional points, your licence will then be revoked.

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khan Level 1

police stop me because of over speeding 43 mph in zone of 30 mph when i was driving with provisional licence. what will be the penality in that case? any advise

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anonymous_2 Level 1

Everyone you can drive on 6 points but you got one last chance

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dicko Level 1

6 points on provisional licence for driving with no insurance, will they be shown when I pass my test?

I have 6 points on my provisional licence, I passed my test this week the points have expired will they be shown on my full licence? The points were for no insurance by the way, endorsement code IN10.

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gices Level 6

If the penalty points have expired, then they won't be shown on your new licence.

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Graybeef_Lawson Level 1

i have 6 points on my provisional driving licence for driving a car with no driving licence and no insurance, if i go in for my driving test will i get banned have reset my test again.

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terence1 Level 1

I've had loads of points before I even got my licence, will these points start to clear when I get my licence or from the date of the offence?

MKR73 Level 1

What was the outcome of your court case? any points awarded for offence, while you were on provisional license must not be used towards totting up purpose. its disadvantage to you due to long administrative delays in processing your case, for which you should not be penalised?

anonymous_2 Level 1

what was the out come of your court case? any points awarded for offance, while you were on provisional license must not be used towards totting up purpose. it disadvantage to you due to long administrative delays in prossecing your case, for which you should not be penalised?

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