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My 18 year old brother is taking driving lessons but has managed to get 6 points on his provisional for minor things (no L plates etc) on his moped. Should he inform his instructor? And how will the points affect him when he tries to get insurance? He thinks that because it's only provisional the points don't count. Also how many points before his licence is taken? Is it fewer points due to his age? Any advice greatfully received as he won't listen to me!

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Paul_7 Level 1

if you have 6 points on your provisional licence at the age of 16 does that mean you are banned from riding a moped???? can anyone help me please

gices Level 6


The points that your brother received on his provisional moped licence will be carried onto his car licence. Since he has exactly 6 points on the provisional licence, he can still do his driving test and if he passes, he will get a full UK driving licence. However if he gets any other points, his licence will be revoked and he will have to start the whole process again, that is, apply for a provisional driving licence and redo all the tests once more.

As far as insurance is concerned, he will have to declare the penalty points that he has on his licence as insurance companies want to know this information for the last 5 years. This will mean that his premiums will be much higher than the average.

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