Can I still drive after surrendering license to receive points?

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I have a provisional license + CBT and drive a scooter. I was pulled over because my rear L-Tag was missing. Now I must pay Fixed Penalty Notice of £60 and surrender my license to receive 3 points. After I surrender the license, can I still drive? If not, how long will it take to get the license back?

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Yes, you are allowed to drive after sending off your licence for it to be endorsed with penalty points following the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

You are asked to surrender your driving licence so that the following checks can be made:

  • you have the right entitlements on your licence (that is, you were not trying to drive a lorry on a car licence)
  • the licence belongs to you (the driver who was caught)
  • increasing your penalty points will not get you disqualified (otherwise a court summons will be required)
  • your licence is genuine and issued by DVLA (licences from other countries are not acceptable for FPN)

You can expect DVLA to return your licence to you within 2-6 weeks.

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