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In January 2013 I received a drug questionnaire from the dvla saying that police contacted them about my fitness to drive. I had not had an accident,nor had i been pulled over while driving,but i had been questioned by police following amphetamines (not mine,my partners) being found in our home.During questioning i informed police that i was on a very low dose of methadone.When i got the questionnaire stupidly i put it to one side,(as i was due to come off the methadone in a couple of months,and i am totally ashamed to admit being on it),after a while i forgot all about it.

Then one day 8 month later, as i pulled up outside my home the police pulled in and asked if i had a licence and insurance.I stated i had and showed them the proof.he went to his vehicle and when he came back told me my license had been revoked in February.As a result of that he charged me for no license and with me not having a license it negated my insurance ,so he charged me with that.

My car was then impounded and cost me £200 approx to get it back.For various irrelevant reasons after 3 weeks of not hearing from dvla nor police nor my insurance company,and trying unsuccessfully to sell the car,i convinced myself it had to be a mistake and i once again drove the car.Again as i pulled up at home the police pulled in and a repeat of incidence one took place.Except on this occasion the officers told me that as far as they were concerned there was no reason they could see for me not driving,and that i should apply immediately for my license back.

Shortly after that i got 2 summons for 2 court dates,so no point trying for license then.I have now been to court (twice)and received £300 fine and 6 points for the second 2 charges and they dropped the charges for incident 1.

Although I still have not heard a thing from the dvla I believed they revoked my license on health grounds?I am now free to apply to get my license back,so can anyone advise me how to do that,what i can expect the dvla will require me to do for it and if or how i can do this as quickly/easily as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to help,and please no abuse i know better than anyone all the derogatory comments,so keep them to yourself. PS my GP was aware that i was driving while on methadone and that i have only ever been 100% compus mentus behind the wheel or not.I have not drank alcohol for about 15 years and now don't misuse /use drugs illegal or otherwise (and that includes smoking cannabis)I would be grateful for any help,I am desperate to get my license back and to be allowed to drive again.I suffer *extreme social anxiety and don't leave my house unless into my car,which i see as an extension of my home( *and hence why i have not called the dvla )I need the security of knowing my car is there to escape to if my panic starts to rise when at the shops or wherever.

I can count on one hand the number of times i have left my house since i stopped driving in Oct,and though i can rely on my partner to see to things outside the home,he cannot drive,he had me,and a driver (his laborer)to run him about so he never learned.

sorry for the length of my question ,just wanted to give as much info as possible,as i don't know what's relevant and what's not.

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gices Level 6

Okay, so you've got 6 points on your licence now but your licence may have been revoked for health reasons. So the best thing to do is to get in touch with DVLA (on their general enquiry line) and ask them about the status of your driving licence. They will be able to tell you whether you're currently banned and/or whether they require clearance from your GP before you're allowed to drive again.

Once you get confirmation from them on where you stand, then it'll be easier to know what your next move should be :)

missB2721 Level 1

you're right gices,i hate talking on the phone especially people in authority and have avoided calling the dvla until now.As they haven't been in touch my solicitor assumed it was revoked on health reasons ,but it might have been for non compliance ,ie not returning questionnaire.?Anyway i am calling them tomorrow.Ill let you know what they say.thanks

gices Level 6

Did you manage to call them?

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