Licence revoked, application sent, can I drive?

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I was pulled over last monday (16th december 2013) as my insurance didnt flag up on the police monitor, whilst standing there getting relevant information to prove i have insurance the officer then informed me that my licence was revoked in 2009 as i didnt sent my licence away for points to be added so he impounded the car there and then leaving me and my 2 year old daughter somewhere i didnt know with no money or phone. That evening i filled in the d1 form had photos taken and sent it by 1st class post all of which the dvla advised me to do so my question is can i now drive? Its been 1 week tomorrow since it happened but i dont want the same thing to happen again so havent driven yet even though my dad managed to get my car out of the pound! Many thanks in advance

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re;insurance to get car from pound
incase its useful,i put a friend (a driver with own vehicle)as a named driver on my insurance and along with the other docs required got my car out pound,twice.The reason car was impounded was that i was driving while my licence had been revoked(unknown to me )the fact i did not have a licence then invalidated my insurance,so i got charged with driving without valid licence and without insurance and they took car to impound.So i am unsure how an named driver on 'invalid'insurance works but it did.Twice i took all the docs to local police station,then after paying the fee named driver drove my car back home.Hope it helps

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So the police just took the car and left you and your daughter in the middle of nowhere? That's harsh!

Regarding whether you can drive, well that's difficult to tell because we don't know the reason your licence was revoked in the first place. The best thing to do is give DVLA a quick call to enquire. They would know your exact circumstances and would be in a better position to tell you whether you can drive now.

Btw, how did your dad get your car out of the police pound? Did he get a separate insurance policy for this purpose? If yes, it would be helpful to know with whom.

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