DVLA sent licence back but was charged with driving without licence as ban was not over

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Harley 17 Aug 2010

Son lost his licence for 6 mths - received a letter from dvla so he could get his licence back. 3 wks later was stopped by police claiming he was driving without a licence. He had received his new licence from dvla, got his car insurance tax etc and has now been taken to court; got 6 points and a fine, and the car in the police pound. He was informed he should have checked the date before he requested the licence. Where does he stand on this? It must be dvla's fault they are the ones that sent the licence.

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klarko2003 19 Aug 2010

Not really dvla's fault entierly. They are somewhat at fault but when it comes to things like bans it is the license holders duty to make sure they are legal. I had points and didn't know if i could drive so I emailed dvla and got a somewhat vague reply so beware as they never give you it straight. I had to look things up on net to find the answers. If I was your son I'd appeal if he feels he's been misled by dvla in any way but seek legal advice first.