Apply to court or DVLA to get licence back after ban?

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George 30 Aug 2009

Do you apply to the courts or the dvla to have your licence back after 2 years of a 3 year ban and what are the chances of having it returned early if you have re offended during the ban?

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gices 01 Sep 2009


You need to apply at the court which sentenced you in the first place and request for your licence to be returned to you. It is at the discretion of the court to return your licence earlier than your driving ban expiry date and they will consider things like past convictions and any re-offence which has been made after the ban on top of having a valid reason for making the application.

anonymous_2 15 Jun 2010

How do I apply for my licience back 1 year earlier than my 3 year ban?

tuggyboy 08 Dec 2010

I don't really know about things like this so not sure. I know I've been bad before but could really do with licence back due to me having two kids that stay 60miles away.