Court says I can apply for provisional before ban ends, can I carry on with getting my driving licence?

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ArianAhmed 02 Apr 2010

I was banned for six months on 6th January 2010. In the letter from the court stating that I can apply for a new provisional driving licence two months before the ban has cleared. Which means on 6th April. Well, my question is, can I apply on 6th April and carry on getting my driving licence back before the conviction has been cleared? thank you

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gices 08 Apr 2010

If the court says you can apply for your provisional driving licence 4 months into your ban, then you can start the process of getting your licence back. It looks like you have to retate your driving test which means you will have to do the theory test along with the hazard perception and then pass the practical driving test to be able to drive again. How you also been asked to do an extended driving test?

According to my calculation, you can apply for your provisional on the 6th of May 2010. It works out like this - you were banned on the 6th of Jan, so 6th of Feb will be your first month, 6th of March your 2nd, 6th of April your 3rd and 6th of May your 4th month. Therefore it is the 6th of May and not the 6th of April that you can request your provisional.