Driving without licence and insurance

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Steve_3 31 Jul 2009

I was driving with only a provisional licence and no insurance and had an accident. I left the vehicle but confessed afterwards! What are the penalties? Could I go to prison? This is my 1st driving offence.


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gices 31 Jul 2009

You will be charged with two motoring offences in this case. The first one will be driving without licence as you did not have a valid licence (provisional licence holders must be accompanied by someone over 21 and having 3+ driving experience) and the second offence relates to driving without insurance (note that not having a valid licence would invalidate any insurance you may have anyway).

For the first offence, there's a penalty of 3-6 points on your licence and a fine of upto £1000.

For the second offence, there's a penalty of 6-8 points on your licence and a fine of upto £5000.

You may as a result be banned from driving as well but since this is your first offence, I doubt you will have prison sentence unless you don't pay up your fines.

alisha_1 15 Oct 2019

Had accident with no licence and no insurance, what will be the outcome?

I have court hearing on 4th November i had accident no licence and i have name insurance; the court put two offence on me no licence and no insurance how many points i get - i have a practical on next month what shall i say in court i am single mum i want to know my licence will be revoked or not

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themslygers 15 Oct 2019

was there someone in the car with you who has been driving for a bit? you could argue that they were takin you out for a personal lesson. in all honesty you probably get slapped with points and a ban maybe as well. maybe a fine as well.

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sasa 15 Feb 2011

What is the fine if you send driving licence to dvla to get the uk one and result to be false but you never know??? thanks for the answer