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Can I buy a car without a licence?

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anonymous_2 gices
anonymous_2 16 Jan 2009
Do I need to have a valid driving licence to buy a car?


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Colleen 11 Oct 2019

Buying a car and insuring it on a provisional licence

Hi I have a provisional licence and I was wondering if I could buy my own car and insure it in my name on a provisional licence?

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gices 11 Oct 2019

Even without a licence, you can buy a car but to drive it, you'll need a valid licence. With a provisional licence, you can only drive it if you're accompanied by someone who has held their licence for at least 3 years and who is over 21.

You have 2 options for insurance on a provisional licence: you can get insured for a year but this might be costly or you can get pay as you go learner insurance which is on a monthly basis.

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Bobby_1 11 Oct 2019

Buying car without provisional licence


I'm 17 and I want to give the driving test a go. I have just applied for a provisional licence. I like this car and I want to buy it and I will receive my provisional licence in 2 or 3 days but the car might be sold by then. So can you please tell me if it's OK to buy the car?

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gices 11 Oct 2019

Bobby, you don't need a licence to buy a car. You just need money for that. I suggest you take someone who already has a full licence with you to drive the car back to yours.

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wayne 19 May 2010

Do I need a vaild driving licence to buy a car from a car lot?

gices 16 Jan 2009
There is no requirement for you to have a driving licence before you can buy a car. Therefore you can buy any car you like without any type of licence but you will not be able to drive it though. To be able to drive a car, you need to have a valid driving licence and proper insurance cover.