Can I ride a 125cc bike on full car licence without CBT?

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Jack_3 16 Mar 2010

My cbt runs out in 3 weeks but I have a full car licence. Can I still drive a 125cc when my cbt runs out or do I need to redo it?



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gices 17 Mar 2010

Even with a full car driving licence, you cannot ride a 125cc bike because you will need the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate to do so.

This means that you will need to retake your CBT if you wish to ride the 125cc bike and that's going to be valid for another 2 years if you pass.

You may want to consider passing the motorcycle test (both theory and practical) so that you don't have to keep on doing the CBT after it expires. This is going to save you time and effort and allow you to ride your bike whenever you like without worrying about passing tests.

On a side note, a car licence issued before the 1st of February 2001 entitles you to ride a 50cc moped (max 30mph) but if you licence was issued after that date, then you will need a CBT.

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anonymous_2 29 Sep 2010

You definitely need to redo the CBT. Bear in mind that you need to display L plates (D plates in Wales) within the 2 years that the CBT is valid unless you pass the motorcycle test (both theory and practical).

bubbyhutton 04 Oct 2019

DVLA tells me I need a CBT, I passed my car test in 1989

hi i passed my full car test in dec 1989 and it entitled me to ride upto a 125cc motor bike with l plates i would like to know if i still can ride without having to do a cbt as i shouldnt need to as ive been driving and riding bikes for many years so pls could some one with kwnoledge let me know i called dvla and they said i dont need a cbt cause when i passed my test but i went to buy a new bike in 2016 and was told i need a cbt i said dvla said i dont so pls help if ur a motor bike shop owner pls let me know or if ur a cbt instructor or anyone else knows pls let me know ty

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anonymous_2 16 Aug 2010

No, you cannot ride it.

anonymous_2 30 Jun 2010

Does this apply even though I passed my driving test (car) in 1989?

gices 11 Jul 2012

Yes, you will need to complete the CBT if you wish to ride a motorcycle of up to 125cc.

anonymous_2 01 Feb 2011

If you pass your driving test while the CBT is still valid then it does not expire.