Can I drive a motability car with 6 points on my licence?

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I have accrued 6 points on my driving licence, can I still be a driver on my mother's mobility car?

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gices Level 6

At the time of application, any points on the driver's licence have to be disclosed.

If this information is withheld, then it will be a breach of the terms & conditions for getting a car under the Motability Car Scheme. It is up to them to decide whether the points/convictions/driving offences will cause a problem thus prohibiting your from becoming a permitted driver.

If you have received penalty points after your lease agreement started, you will need to inform the RSAM of the endorsements.

motability policy regarding penalty points

Let's say you didn't have any points when you became a named driver on the policy and then a year later, you received 3 points for speeding. You'll need to ring them up to let them know of the changes to your licence.

3 points is fine, and 6 points in most cases is okay too because it's not a disqualification from the DVLA.

But if you have just passed your driving test, then 6 points on your licence during the first 2 years means you're disqualified from driving under the New Drivers Act. You will therefore have to resit your test and would not be eligible to be named on the mobility car policy.

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lamu8 Level 1

I’m already a named driver under my mother. However I got 3 points during the lease. What are the chances of me staying on the insurance if I tell them I got the 3 points?

dr9cw Level 1

Hi, I was caught driving at 70mph where the speed limit was 30 and was disqualified for 40 days. I didn't get any points on my licence. I know it was a silly thing to do but as with all mistakes you only realise after it's been done.

I need to take my dad for hospital appointments and was wondering if our policy is still valid or we are likely to encounter issues with insurance.

gices Level 6

Unfortunately if you've been disqualified from driving for more than 30 days within the last five years, you cannot drive on an RSA Motability (RSAM) policy.

From the conviction date, you will now need to wait 5 years before you become eligible to drive his motability car again.

fickle Level 1

More often than not, they want people with a clean driving record. Still, there's no harm in trying to be added on the policy. Just be honest with the endorsements you've received and they'll tell your mother whether or not you could be named on her mobility car.

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