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If you or a close member of your family or even a friend suffers from a disability and is able to claim the Higher Rate Disability Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners, then you may be able to get a specially adapted car for a reasonable price. There is a strict criteria before you can get a car through Motability with the choice of two options.

Motability Contract Hire
This is the most popular choice for people with disabilities who would like to gain some independence; you do not need to be a licence holder as you can nominate a friend, family member, carer or parent if the car is for a child. You must be receiving your disability allowance for the whole duration of the contract period. With the Motability contract hire agreement you can have up to three nominated drivers, this only applies if they have a clean drivers licence for the past five years, some agreements may also have restrictions for drivers under the age of 25.

Here is a summary of the benefits you will get if you decide to have Motability Contract Hire:

  • A brochure with at least 4,000 brand new cars to pick from, with at least 400 with no advance deposit required
  • Insurance included
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Annual Road Tax
  • Maintenance and servicing included
  • Most adaptations are free of charge with the exception of some

Motability Hire Purchase
This is also another option that you may want to look into but before making any quick decisions as there are a few things you must take into account first. The Hire Purchase scheme works by having your allowance pay for the car of your choice through weekly payments. Depending on how much you get, this will determine the value of the car you wish to purchase. There are brand new cars and also nearly new cars to choose from. When you decide what car you would like and how much you can afford, Motability can negotiate the price for you. The loan agreement for Hire Purchase can be for a minimum of two years or a maximum of five. You must receive your allowance for the whole duration of the contract otherwise, if it stops you are still liable for payment and Motability can also choose to cancel it altogether.

If you do decide to go with Hire Purchase with Motability, then you will have to pay for insurance, road tax and maintenance.

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Paying money owned to motability car scheme after owner passed away

Hello, my mother passed away febuary this year, leaving her estate to her four children. We all agreed that I would pay the rest of the money owed to the motability scheme which was £3441.09p for the car. The car documents are in my name. Advice please.

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gices Level 6

I'm afraid your question got truncated because it was too long. You should have used the description field to add additional details. Can you read the question again and write the rest of it (whatever is missing above) so that I can get a better idea of the problem?

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How can I get no claims discount after being a named driver on my deceased husbands motability insurance?

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geordierascal Level 1

Drove mistakenly up a no car lane, buses and taxi only in newcastle in my motability car

I went to pick up my nan and son at newcastle city centre I found myself going up a none signed no car lane road it said on the road when I actually was on the road it was visible to me no car lane my car is motability for my son what could happened as I don't know if this is an offence I made but not purposely.

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If the restriction was at all times (24/7) or you were driving in it during its hours of operation, you could have been caught by a camera for which you would be sent a fixed penalty notice.

However if signage was not right, you could argue your case. Check this article on bus lane penalty which contains information on how to appeal against the fine.

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