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I live in NI. My mother has a motabilty car. I'm still a learner with provisional license. I would like to know what exactlty we benefit if I get insured as a provisional driver. I've had more than 30 driving lessons with my instructor - Advanced School of Driving in Newry, Co Down. I'm stll in a process to pass my Theory Test /last 3 times I passed the Question Part and failed the HP Video Clips/. We are moving to Belfast from 1st October.

If I get insured, can I pass the Practical Test with my mother's car, the one I've been driving as a learner for nearly 2 years now? Thanks, Kalin

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Peaches Level 3

You haven't said if you have a disability? If you do, you can get financial support for your driving lessons and even towards a specially adapted vehicle to provide for your needs. Also if you have a very good instructor, they can also advise on getting in and out of the vehicle easily and help with operated adapted controls. If you are driving your mothers motability car then I'm assuming you have provisional insurance cover for this. If this is so, the likelihood of you getting full insurance cover is promising as you can always call up your provisional licence insurer and ask if they would take you on after passing your test. If you have a disability then you will be given some extra time for your practical test and the examiner is also trained to understand special needs that arise from disabilities.

As far as driving a motability car without having any disabilities, this is legal as long as you are a nominated driver. Customers of motability cars are allowed two nominated drivers and assuming your mum is the first, you can be the second. A third nominated driver can also be added for an extra fee but if a nominated driver is under the age of 25, there are restrictions in the type of vehicle they are allowed to be insured on. I hope this is of some help to you.

anonymous_2 Level 1

I had a mobility car in my name as a provisional driver my wife has a full license but I wrote it off 2 weeks ago will I get another one? My wife was not pressent at time of crash so don't know where we stand in getting a new car from mobility?

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