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I'm enquiring about being insured on my wife's car (fiesta) whilst I'm learning to drive with her. I haven't received my provisional licence yet but when I do I'd like to get as much practice as I can with her or maybe also in my father-in-law's car too. Am I understanding correctly that I'm able to get my own insurance to drive any car under supervision of an experienced full licence holder without the need for my wife etc to contact her insurance company to tell them I will be learning in her car? I hope to hear from you soon regarding this query thank you, regards.

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That's right - with Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance you can learn to drive in your wife's car without your wife having to inform her insurance company and getting additional insurance cover for yourself to practice in her car. As I've said before about this type of provisional insurance, it is required that you are supervised at all times when you are learning. You can only practice in the car which is stated on the policy and not in any car (if you obtain the policy on your wife's car, then this is the only vehicle which you will be allowed to drive). For you to drive your father-in-law's car, you will need to purchase another policy. So it's best if you choose one car to insure and either have your wife or father-in-law supervising you when you are driving (provided they meet the criteria for teaching a learner to drive). Good thing about this policy is that there is no danger to your wife's no claims bonus if you have an accident - it will be claimed under your insurance policy and not your wife's.

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