So I got 6 penalty points before I even applied for a UK provisional licence, now what?

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I got 6 penalty points even before I've applied for a UK provisional licence 3 years ago when I applied for my provisional licence they were on there. I now passed test and have a full UK licence yesterday and was given another 3 points today the day after I passed my driving test. What happens now? Would they revoke my licence even though the previous points were from 3 years ago?

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gno Level 1

Penalty points gained before passing your driving test. Any penalty points you gain before passing your first driving test are taken into account. However, having six or more doesn't mean your licence will be revoked straight after you pass your test.

Gaining further points after passing your test, taking your total to six or more, will mean your licence will be revoked.

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ROGER_1 Level 1
points only stay on a provisional licence for 3 years, if that time had passed before you gained your full licence then only the 3 points you got the day after are on ,drive carefully! 3 more and you need to retake the test again
mrsnature Level 1

Yes. Penalty points will stay on your licence a minimum of 4 years. You will also have 9 points on your provisional licence when you reapply, meaning any more points and you will lose it again. (12 points or over and you will be required to go to court).

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