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Can I become a driving instructor even if I don't have a clean licence?

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gices anonymous_2
Raj_2 25 Aug 2009

I have got 6 penalty points this year for speeding!!! I have had a clean licence before this for over 16 years. Will this silly mistake this year prevent me from becoming a driving instructor?


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RobertStoneman 02 Nov 2019

Can I become a driving instructor even if I have driving convictions?

I have 6 points on my licence for 2 speeding fines that happened in 2002, will this stop me applying?

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gices 02 Nov 2019


Your best bet is to contact the Driving Standards Agency to discuss your case. They will surely take into account your driving convictions but as you mentioned above, this happened like 6 years ago and if you have been a "good driver" since then, there's no reason why they wouldn't let you become a driving instructor.

Good luck and if you receive a good feedback from them, let me know how you get on with the driving instructor training.

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anonymous_2 10 Aug 2010

Hi I've been convicted of driving with out insurance can I still become a driving Instructor?? Zara

gices 04 Oct 2009


You can still apply to become a driving instructor even if you have convictions on your licence. However all motoring and non-motoring convictions will be taken into account when assessing your suitability to become a driving instructor. You've had a clean licence for 16 years and have just received speeding points, so you've got a pretty good driving history.

Good luck with your application.