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One of the first things that you will need to so after qualifying as an ADI (approved driving instructor) is to get all the professional materials, signage and advertising. The good thing is that since there are so many driving schools and independent driving instructors, there are also many specialist companies that can provide driving instructor supplies.

Where can I buy the things I need as a driving instructor?
Depending on what exactly it is that you need, you can buy everything off the internet including personalised driving roof sign. This is very handy as it means you don’t need to go to a shop and actively be there but if you would like to check out the sign and also personalise it further, then it’s better to go to a place that makes signs. You can tell them exactly what you want or make an existing product better and more personal. You can get business cards and flyers printed out at the local printing shop; you can choose to have the layout any way that you wish and it may work out cheaper depending on how many prints you will need.

The bad thing about buying supplies over the internet is that they have a standard layout for all stationary and will just edit the template to include your personal details. The quality can also be compromised; as mentioned before you can go to a print shop to get them made for you. If this option seems too expensive, then why not make them yourself? You can create your own personalised teaching schedule, appointment cards, flyers and many more on a home computer. When you’re happy, print out one copy to see how it looks like and make more copies from a good quality printer (remember to use good quality card for appointment cards that are printed).

You may also need teaching aids such as illustrations showing how to do manoeuvres such as parallel parking and reversing into a space. These can come in handy for inexperienced drivers that don’t have parents who drive - showing how it’s done by an illustration can build up confidence and prevent mistakes and accidents.

The list of things you could buy as supplies for driving instructor are endless; it’s best to start off with what you need and slowly get other stuff that you require. There may even be things that you may not need to buy such as individual student folders for each student you have. This can take up unnecessary space and will also cost money. You can keep student records and progress in a clear plastic wallet that is kept in one folder where you can access them all conveniently.

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