Am I being ripped off by driving instructor?

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After having over 70 drving lessons, numerous accounts with bad driving instructors, I managed to gain some confidence in giving it another go.

I have taken 7 lessons with this driving instructor, who was recommended by a friend. He is aware of number of lessons I've had etc. In these 7 lessons I have had, I have spent doing no manoeuvres and driving around the same route, instructor spend most of the lesson talking about his personal life, last lesson which really ticked me off, I was driving in the middle of a busy road he grabs the wheel and makes me look at a picture of his wife! He spends the lesson discussing how he won't rip me off the way other instructors have and tries to reassure me that he'll have me driving, yet at back of my mind I have inclines where this maybe leading.

Now I have had over 90 lessons, and tip it off he tells me I need to go back to basic where next lesson he will teach me how to steer & clutch control. I have been on very busy roads where my cluth control has been fine, there's nothing wrong with it.

In a previous 2 hour lesson that he recommended, he said we would do manoeuvres, we spent driving around, in that time he stopped at the test centre to have a chat inside with someone, other to go to the loo, same lesson we stopped where he had a chat with 2 different instructors on the road during my lesson, resulting to 20 mins, he gave me 15 mins back but I got nothing out of it. I told him about manoeuvews, he said I need to concentrate on my forward driving.

Now I am not the best of drivers but I can't feel but ripped off? He is patient and reassuring and makes all these promises but yet I am driving around whilst he's looking at his watch/mobile and texing away.

I am still with this instructor, I keep giving him the benefit of the doubt, am I being taken for a mug?

Please advise,

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dp Level 1

Well I'm sorry to hear that. I'm a trainee driving instructor, I'm teaching some people they had loads of lessons with other instructors but I've  taught them more in the 2 lessons I have given them. DON'T waste your money on instructor that are on there phone while they should be teaching you, their phone should be on silent if not off good luck.

P Level 1

My instructor was the same, he sent text and talked with other client and he shown no repect to me at all when I refused to had more driving hour with him. He started to yell at me when I did a mistake. Totally unprofessional !!!

instructorpete Level 1

Unfortunatley this is all too common. Driving instructors are good and bad just keep looking try 1 lesson first try to get it free or discounted to see how you get on, and if it doesent feel right straight away sack them and get another. I've been instructing for 6 years in worcester and have encountered many second hand pupils who have had poor experiences sometimes with as many as 5 or 6 other instructors.SO just keep trying you will know when you fing the right one. Peter leach ABARTH driving school

anonymous_2 Level 1

Hope you got a new instructor; he sounded terrible and I am disgusted he took such liberties in your lesson.

Paula_1 Level 1
Find another instructor. Your instructor should not be using his mobile while teaching as it is against the law. He should be 110% concentrating on what you are doing. Starting your manoeuvres could help you with your clutch control.
gices Level 6

This doesn't sound right to me, you should change your driving instructor straight away.

A good instructor should be patient and reassuring but this one is undoubtedly using the bad experience you've told him as a way to get more money out of you. You cannot disturb a learner when driving to show pictures or anything else.

It is unfortunate that once again you've been under the guidance of a bad instructor but you shouldn't lose hope as there are really good ones out there. In your case, you should go with someone who has been recommended by not just one but a couple of people. Wherever possible, read reviews about them before committing to any driving lessons.

And one thing more, do not tell the next driving instructor about your bad experience with other instructors lest they use this like your current one is.

You should also consider reporting your present driving instructor to warn other learners.

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