Does a driving instructor make any money after all expenses?

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Don't believe the spin about being an instructor. You would have to earn £600 a week to be left with a (take home) wage of £200+ a week. The driving school you work for would want £200+ for the car +petrol+pension+tax+natioal insurance+holiday pay+! One lesson plus travelling time minus overheads could mean doing 1.5 hours for £8. To do 30 learners a week will take 45/50 hours often unsociable hours. I could go on but not such a good job after all is it? AA/RAC are only interested in training you at a cost of £2000 then it's cheerio and in with the next mug!

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That's right, there's loads to consider if you want to become a driving instructor, especially if you will work for a driving school. The expenses that are payable to the driving school put many people off right from the beginning. However if you have your own car, things are much more simple.

For people who want to work at times which are convenient to them, becoming a driving instructor is going to be a good job. Once the training is done, and if you can afford to teach in your own car, you will definitely see the opportunities that this job offers. As with any major decisions though, you will need to weigh out the pros and cons.

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