Where can I get a fake driving license?

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I'd like to get a fake provisional licence for me and my mates. Do they sell it anywhere?

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gices Level 6

If you just want a fake provisional driving licence as a novelty or replica, then you can find them online for less than £10.

Here's one by the Cosplay Store on Amazon if you're interested.

This is how it looks like.

fake driving licence

It's pretty close to the the real driving licence and can be customised with your photo, name, age and address. You can easily trick your friends into believing you actually passed your driving test with the level of personalisation they offer.

Some tourists purchase this to show to their friends/family back home in their country of residence as it looks cool.

However if you're underage, you may be tempted to use this to get entry into clubs/pubs but there are some differences in the design which may not be too obvious but a professional may be able to spot them easily. The same applies for those who are not yet 21 but want to buy alcohol and looking to use this as a way to persuade cashiers they are legally entitled for those purchases.

It is important to know that it is against the law to obtain a fake licence to impersonate another person or use it as a proof of identity. If you've already reached 17, you are better off applying to the DVLA for a provisional driving licence to stay away from troubles.

NaveedKhan Level 1

I need fake provisinal licence.

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