Can you teach someone to drive if you have penalty points?

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I heard that if you are teaching someone to drive and have points on your licence then you are not allowed to teach, sit in passenger seat whilst displaying L plates.

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gices Level 6

You may have points on your licence but as long as you're not disqualified from driving, you're allowed to supervise a learner. So check whether you've not reached 12 points already through the totting up procedure and if you're a new driver, it's 6 points instead. If you're been convicted by a court, they may have suspended your licence as well, therefore confirm you've got a valid license and you'll be all good to teach the learner.

Note : You must be over 21 and have held the licence for at least 3 years.

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stevie6 Level 1

you will be alright who has not got points these days,check with your insurance company first......

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