3 to 4 weeks short term car insurance for 19 year old

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My daughter has been driving for 1 year and has 1 year's no claims bonus. She is 19 and just gone to university. Is there any one who will insure her car for 3-4 weeks when she comes home in the holidays (they are not allowed cars on campus). I am about to cancel her direct debit to direct line for £49.86 a month since she won't be driving it until 19th Dec. It seems daft that she should pay when there is no risk!

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Of course it doesn't make sense to keep on paying for her insurance when she's not even using it. However, there are no insurers who will take on board drivers who are only 19 for short term insurance. Having said this, you need to understand that "short term" refers to a period between 1 to 28 days (a maximum of 4 weeks). Although temp insurance is not an option here, your daughter will qualify for pay-per-month car insurance which is basically insurance cover on a monthly basis. A calendar month can be upto a maximum of 31 days and with eCar Insurance there's no age restriction as long as you have your full driving licence. It's called Pay As You Go but it's really a pay per month policy.

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