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The advice that many people will give to you is to learn to drive with a qualified driving instructor rather than with friends or family because then you do not adopt their bad driving habits. Either you go with a reputable driving school or a recommended private driving instructor; the choice is yours!

Although it makes sense to have someone close to teach you, like a parent or close friend, the problem is that these drivers may not necessarily teach you the right way to do things and over the years have become accustomed to a particular way of driving that suits them. For example, they may hold the steering wheel with just one hand and not use the 10 to 10 technique. To pass the driving test, you really need to show that you have good driving skills. Therefore it is important that you master the correct way of driving from someone who is up-to-date with the procedures.

Where can I find a list of private driving instructors in my area?

The DSA has a directory and many driving instructors are listed on their search facility, some may not have registered for the service or opted not to be publicly visible. So not 100% of all ADIs will be shown there. However this can be used to cross reference instructors to see whether they are approved for real by the DSA. There are just too many fake instructors these days and you as a learner might get deceived if you are not careful about who you choose to teach you learning to drive.

If possible, check with relatives and friends to see if they can recommend a good private driving instructor. Otherwise use the search facility described above and go with your gut feeling; it might be worth checking few reviews on the instructor first to make sure they live up to their profession.

Remember that cheap driving lessons don’t always mean they are the best value for money because you might need more of the less expensive ones to get you to a stage where you are able to drive safely on your own. Driving is a skill for life so you need to choose a driving instructor who will be able to teach you that without any compromise.

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