Transfer commercial van NCB to private car

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gices anonymous_2
TonySharman 14 Apr 2009

Can I transfer my NCB from my van (commercial) policy to a car (private) policy?

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gices 03 Sep 2009

Some companies will allow you to transfer your car NCD to a van policy. The strange thing is that I couldn't find a single company which will allow you to use the no claims discount you've earned on a commercial van on a car insurance policy. Once a car no claims bonus has been transferred onto a van, the process is irreversible, that is, you cannot transfer it back to a private car.

Until that changes, you cannot transfer no claims earned on a van to a car to get discounts on the insurance premiums.

anonymous_2 05 Oct 2012

As a taxi driver with 27 years experance i am shocked to find that with no endorsements and full no claims my no claims cannot be put on to my private car insurance.

anonymous_2 24 Sep 2013

If I have taken insurance out within 12 hours can I cancel the insurance as I was not aware of losing my no claims on my van when I need to keep them on my car?