Transfer of ownership of car from owner to keeper

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JayKhan 26 Jul 2010

My brother is the owner of the car I have, but I am the registered keeper of the car (i.e my name is on the V5), we now want to transfer the ownership of the car into my name. In this case what is the correct procedure for doing this? Do we need to contact the DVLA? Thanks for your help Jay

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gices 26 Jul 2010

Your brother needs to fill section 3 of the V5 certificate which is about "Notification of sale or transfer", sign it and then send it to DVLA. Once the V5 (or V5C) registration document has been received by DVLA, they will send you an updated one where you will be listed as both the owner and registered keeper.

If you need any more information, let me know.

anonymous_2 23 Sep 2013

I swapped a car with a friend filled out the form forregistered keeper so does the car belong to me now?

Screwedbyex 22 Jan 2011

I am the registered keeper of my car, I have paid the finance payments alone, from my bank account, as the car was purchased for me, for my sole use, and I have been in employment during the agreement. The finance agreement is in my ex partners name, who has had jobs on and off, and left and came back. There is outstanding finance. He has now taken the car against my wishes and refuses to give it back. Do I have any recourse?