How to show or prove that my mother is the owner of the car where I am registered keeper?

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My mother paid for a new car for me so i could look after my sister. I signed the paperwork in order to take advantage of the scrappage scheme, but the payment came from her. I am the registered keeper. I am now having trouble with my tax affairs and want to know how can we show/prove that she is the owner? It seems unfair that something that my mother bought to help her family could be at risk of being repossessed.

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Car dispute query

My partner took out finance on a car for me 3 years ago- we didnt think i would be approved for finance.we split 2 years ago and I have maintained monthly payments through bank transfer. She contacted me unexpectedly this week to say that she isnt prepared for me to continue paying monthly and that I must find outstanding balance or she will have the car repossesed by defaulting on payment( think she may mean ahe will voluntarily return the car). Is there anything I can do to stop her doing this?

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To be eligible for the scrappage scheme, the owner must have been the registered keeper for a minimum of 12 months. This means that you were the owner of the car and when signing up for the scrappage scheme, the new car will belong to you irrespective of how the finance was raised. Of course if your mother sent you the money, you could show the money came from her through your bank statement if a bank transfer was made. For cash in hand, you wouldn't have any proof. Either way, the new car is registered in your name and owned by you and if you can prove the opposite, you wouldn't have been eligible for the scrappage scheme and could be asked to return the difference, that is, the £2000 vehicle discount price.

This is just my opinion anyway but you could contact the Citizen Advice Bureau for more help on the subject matter.

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