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NCB Mistake - What do I do now?

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fickle gices
bobbins 12 Jul 2011
I recently purchased a new car in addition to my old car. I insured it with a new insurer in a hurry and without a copy of my NCB letter. When I called my old car's insurer today to send out a copy of the letter I discovered that I had one year less NCB than I thought. Unfortunately I am mid-way through an insurance claim on the new car... It was an honest mistake but now I have no idea what to do. Any help much appreciated.


gices 13 Jul 2011
You better inform your insurance company before they find out!
fickle 12 Jul 2011
How long has it been since you got the new insurance cover? Most insurers will ask for proof of no claims bonus as soon as you purchase car insurance from them and send reminder letters if you don't send them.

Anyway, it is better if you call the insurance company and tell them that you had no idea that you have less NCB than what you stated when getting car insurance. This will most likely increase up your premiums but will be better for you in the long run.

The insurance company will find out about your no claims history sooner rather than latter because you've already got a claim through. They might invalidate your insurance if they find out you lied about your NCB. So get in there quick and explain to them about the mistake.

Let me know what happens.