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Got speeding tickets while car was test driven and now sold off, what should I do?

gemma_p19 21 May 2010

I have been driving for 12 months; recently we were selling the car and it was test driven by a few different people. We sold it later on that week to a buyer off ebay but yesterday I got two speeding tickets through the door off the same camera. I hope someone can shine light on this situation because I really cant afford the money or the points.

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gices 21 May 2010

You need to request photographic evidence from the police which proves you were speeding in the car. If they cannot show you that, they cannot prosecute you. Now assuming that it was somebody else in the photograph they send you, you just need to write back stating that this is not you and it will be upto the police to trace the other driver. Of course you will have to give details of the people who were test driving your car because they would have required your permission to drive your car.

I'd like to point out that you need to get the registration certificate updated with the buyer's name and send it off immediately to DVLA. Otherwise you'll be getting all the correspondance regarding the vehicle you've just sold such as parking and speeding tickets.