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Sold as seen what does this count for?

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kats84 17 Oct 2012

Long story I sent a close friend of mine to go and look at a car that was being sold by a private seller that I had seen online I couldn't go myself as I was working! Anyway I was told the car was clean and tidy so a deposit had been left then came the bit where the guy selling it had told my friend he thinks the tracking may need doing sometime soon as it had a slight pull occasionally I looked it up online and seen it was only cheap so wasn't too mad, Next day I went with my friend to collect the car and paid the rest of the cash he filled in the log book with my details and I signed it he gave me a receipt for the sale stating 'sold as seen' On the way home i notice it wasn't a litle pull but quite a strong one! After getting home i removed a thin black tape from the bonnet (go faster stripe) to notice the bumper was 2 totally different colours and after a closer inspection (which i thought my friend had done) I noticed a lot of bodged up areas which got me worried so I took the car to the garage where I was told this car had a completely new wing most likely due to a smash so now I have to wait until friday to get it on the ramps and a good look over as it's probably due to the smash why it pulls needless to say I am not happy as I wasn't told it had been in a smash I wouldn't of touched it as I have 3 young children, I have tried calling the seller and it just goes straight to answer phone what can i do ?


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gices 23 Oct 2012

You cannot take the word of a seller for granted. You have to get a mechanic involved to make sure what you're buying is worth it.

Anyway with private sale, the responsibility is on the buyer because the seller can always argue you were made aware of the problems before.

Probably not the answer you were looking for but nothing much can be done and you could spend a lot more than what you paid for the car if you try to sue him and that's going to add more stress to your life. You can get in touch with the Citizen Advice Bureau to see if they can help you.

shabs1 22 Oct 2012

to be totally honest there is nothing you can should have taken it for a test drive first before you payed the rest of the money. its a real pain and a hard lesson