How to transfer no claims discount from one insurer to another?

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I have 2 years no claims discount with my current insurer. I've got a cheaper quote with another insurer, how do I transfer my no claims bonus to the new insurer?

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scottmc316 Level 1

Built up 2 years no claims on my own policy, will I lose this if I switch to a new insurer?

I had an accident in 2009 as a named driver under my father's policy, and have recently built up 2 years no claims on my own comprehensive policy with my own registered vehicle. If I switch to a new insurance provider, will I lose my no claims bonus?

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gices Level 6

If the policy is in your own name, that is, if you're the main driver, and have accumulated two years no claims after the accident, then you will have no problems transferring your NCB to your new insurer.

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gices Level 6

When you cancel your insurance policy with your current insurer, shortly afterwards they will send you a document showing how much no claims bonus you have acquired. You normally have to send this document to your new insurer as proof of the no claims discount you're entitled to.

After you've completed a year with the new insurer, you will then earn another year's no claims discount on top of what you have. So your total no claims bonus will become 3 years (1 year from new insurer + 2 years discount from previous insurance company). If you then decide to move to another insurance company, you will be able to transfer 3 years no claims and the cycle will continue as long as you don't claim on your car insurance policy.

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