Transfering No Claims Bonus to a Second Car

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I have recently bought a car and would like to transfer my mothers no claims bonus to this car, so that she is the main driver and I am the additional driver. She already has a car insured in her name and is using her no claims bonus. So to transfer her no claims, do I need to wait untill september when her current policy finishes and then I can use it?

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Transfer no claims bonus to another car


My father currently has 75% no claims bonus. Can he transfer it onto a car in which he will be the main driver and I will be an additional driver?

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gices Level 6


Your father can use the no claims bonus on any car he wishes to insure. The only thing you need to remember is that the no claims discount can be applied to only 1 vehicle at a time, so if he already drives a car, I would think he's already applied the discount to this one and will therefore not be able to get 75% off the insurance quote for a second car.

If that's the case, then some companies offer discounts for insuring 2 or more cars with them. Ask your father to check whether the current insurance company he's with has this type of offer.

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gices Level 6

No Claims Discount can only be used on one car at any given time. When the car insurance policy on which it has been used has elapsed then it can be used on another one (provided no claims have been made). This means that you will have to wait until your mother's policy is up for renewal before you can use it on the new policy with you as a named driver.

You can still make your mother the policyholder (main driver) for your new car but her no claims discount will have to be zero as she has already used it on her own policy.
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