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Am I entitled to no claims bonus as a named driver?

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iib 20 Mar 2009
For over 45 years I have been a named driver on my husband's car insurance. During this time I have not been involved in any accident nor had any claim on the insurance. Hypothetically, if something were to happen to my husband and I needed to get the insurance in my name, could I get a No claims discount on the premium?

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gices 20 Mar 2009


Generally, no claims discount is given to the main driver, that is, the policyholder and any additional drivers on the policy gets nothing even if they have been driving without any claims. However in 2006, Direct Line launched a scheme to reward named drivers with a discount but it is not at the same rate that a policyholder will actually get. Anyway something is better than nothing and a few other companies (2-3 more) have followed the same rewarding structure.

So to answer your question, you will need to check whether the company with which you're insured gives no claims to named drivers and if it does, how much discount you will be entitled to as only a few companies follow this practice.