Companies Giving No Claims Bonus to Named Drivers

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Could you please tell me which insurance companies allow the named driver to build a no claims bonus?

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Full no claims bonus for named drivers

Which insurance companies let the named driver earn their full no claims bonus? I know Admiral do but not sure if they can earn full bonus etc.

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All insurers which allow named drivers to earn no claim bonus do not give the same NCB that main drivers/policy holders will get. You can a fraction of the real NCB and that depends from insurers to insurers. So full no claims discount is not given and the catch is that you need to stay with the same company which gave you no claims as the additional driver to take advantage of it. This means you can only get the discount when you take out a policy in your name with the same insurer, that is, you shift from being a named driver to the policyholder.

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There are only a few car insurance companies which allow named drivers to earn no claims bonus. Here's a list:

You can expect upto 50% discount for driving 1 year claims-free, 60% for 2 years and 65% for 3 years. The discount will vary from insurer to insurer so you need to check before you sign up for the policy. The maximum discount you will get is for 5 years but some companies will give you no claims discount for only 3 years and nothing more. It is worth noting that this no claims discount is not equivalent to the one which you build as the main driver (policyholder) and that it is not transferable to another car insurance company. This means that it will only be applicable if you stay with the same company and take out a policy with them but this time as the main driver.

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